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Panoramic’s Provide Perfect Break Out Spaces

Posted by Evolution | Posted on March 23, 2018

Panoramic’s Provide Perfect Break Out Spaces

Evolution Dome looks forward to another event in Hamburg with clients, Presentation Factor.

The Panoramic provides the Perfect pop Up Pod for a breakout, meeting or seminar space. With its open top and low wall height, it has been designed to work in most indoor venues.

The design of the pop-up structure was created for an event in Germany where the venue required the sprinkler system to still be effective within the structure. As a result, the Panoramic was designed without a roof to allow this to work. The Panoramic is now a very popular product for conference and event organisers requiring a quick way to break up large spaces.

Evolution Dome holds a stock of 30 Panoramic’s in a range of sizes from just 4 meters in diameter right up to 14 meters, which gives you 125Sqm of usable floor space and will comfortably hold a stage and 100 people sat theatre style.

The Inflatable Pop Up Pods can be installed in as little as 10 minutes and can be illuminated to highlight brand colors, different interactive zones of even to help navigate delegates around the hall.